G-POINT 7.0 inch straight modeling scissors

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The scissors are suitable for all types of wool.
Drop, down, double and hard wool, it is suitable for both volumetric cutting and finishing. If you have a curly coat, it is recommended to use them only for the finish. There are 66 teeth on the 7-inch blade with two micro teeth that ensure a good grip on the wool. The biggest advantage of this model is the soft cut without marks! Due to the small angle of the scissors blades of 20 degrees, it is very comfortable to work with them on all rounded areas such as the muzzle, head and paws. 2 additional levers on the rings allow you to turn the scissors in the desired direction. These scissors work equally well on both sides! It comes in two colors - gold and black. Make your own choice.

Product features:
  • Ultra-sharp blades made of high-quality Japanese steel SUS440C, particularly hard and durable
  • Rockwell hardness of steel 62-64 (Rockwell)
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Intersection 20-25% (finishing)
  • 66 teeth
  • Cutting angle 20° degrees
  • Scissor blades original soft cut

Scope of delivery:
  • 7" inch thinning scissors
  • Scissor box
  • Faux leather scissor case
  • Finger ring (grip inserts)
  • Scissor adjuster (key) *only for scissors with adjustment option
  • Care cloth

Description Value
Weight (product only)

73 grams

Weight (including packaging) 269 ​​grams
Length (in inch/inch) 7.0″
Length (in centimeters) 17.70CM
Bent (in degrees, scissors only)
Number of teeth ( (scissors only) 66
Micro teeth ( (scissors only) yes / 2 per tooth
Degree of hardness ( (scissors only) 62 - 64
Material/Content Steel SUS440C

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Sale priceCHF 200.00

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